Welcome to pygasflow’s documentation!

pygasflow provides a few handful functions to quickly perform quasi-1D ideal gasdynamic (perfect gas) computations with Python.

The following flow relations are implemented:

  • Isentropic flow

  • Fanno flow

  • Rayleigh flow

  • Shock wave relations (normal shock, oblique shock, conical shock)

Depending on the problem at hand, you can:

  • use the appropriate solver which, given a parameter (mach number or ratio), computes all other ratios and mach numbers. This is the preferred option.

  • search the appropriate function in the following submodules: pygasflow.isentropic, pygasflow.fanno, pygasflow.rayleigh, pygasflow.shockwave.

The following charts has been generated with the functions included in this package:

Isentropic Flow Fanno Flow Rayleigh Flow Conical Flow Shockwave relations Shock Reflection

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