Welcome to pygasflow’s documentation!

pygasflow provides a few handful functions to quickly perform:

  • Quasi-1D ideal gasdynamic (perfect gas) computations with Python. The following solvers are implemented:

    • Isentropic flow: isentropic_solver (or ise).

    • Fanno flow: fanno_solver (or fan).

    • Rayleigh flow: rayleigh_solver (or ray).

    • Normal/Oblique shock waves: shockwave_solver (or ss).

    • Conical shock waves: conical_shockwave_solver (or css).

    If a solver doesn’t suit your needs, try and search into the submodules for a suitable function.

  • Aerothermodynamic Computations with Python (pygasflow.atd module):

    • Correlations to estimate boundary layer thickness, heat flux and wall shear stress over a flat plate or a stagnation region.

    • Newtonian Flow Theory to estimate the pressure distribution around objects and their aerodynamic characteristics.

The following charts has been generated with the functions included in this package:

Isentropic Flow Fanno Flow Rayleigh Flow Conical Flow Shockwave relations Shock Reflection

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